Tesla Supercharger Cost Calculator

How to Calculate Tesla Supercharger Cost for Your Road Trip?

  1. Determine how many miles your road trip will be. Google Maps works great for this! Enter this in the "Distance to Travel" field.
  2. Select the states in the map that you are driving through like so:

    Each state's Superchargers have different rates that they will charge you. Tier 1 is cheaper and Tier 2 charging is more expensive. The calculator will determine the average Tier 1 and 2 rates for the states traveled or you can manually enter the rates.
  3. Enter any other fields necessary, click calculate, and compare the cost of your road trip with a conventional gasoline car.

Source: https://www.tesla.com/support/supercharging

Tesla EV Inputs


Distance to Travel (mi)

Starting Charge (mi)

Credits (kWh)

Average Tier 1 Rate ($/kWh)

Average Tier 2 Rate ($/kWh)

Effective Rate ($/kWh)

Estimated Lower Cost of Travel (Tier 1)

Estimated Average Cost of Travel

Estimated Higher Cost of Travel (Tier 2)

Gas Car Inputs

Gas Car MPG (mi/Gal)

Average Gas Price ($/Gal)

Estimate Cost of Travel for Gas Car